Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our scheduled events are being adapted to an online format. We are also running a programme of online activities. See below for details and please keep an eye on Facebook or Instagram for updates. 

If you are interested in any of these activities or have any comments, questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Small Strokes

We would really love if you could join us for the Weave's online activities! 

Even though we may be physically isolated, we can still be connected through online platforms and united in spirit through prayer and the Word of God. 


Open Lectio

Saturdays 9.30am

Google Meet

An opportunity to share Lectio on Sunday's Gospel with a group from the Weave. Everyone welcome!

Liturgy of the Hours

Everyday, Discord

Join us as part of the Weave community to pray the prayer of the church throughout the day.

Lauds (morning prayer) 8am

Midday prayer 1pm

Vespers (evening prayer) 6.45pm

Virtual Lectio Group Visits

If you would like us to come to 'visit' your Lectio Group online, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to arrange a visit with you.


These Core Events form the skeleton of the year for the Weave of Manquehue Prayer. As such, they look to support the fundamental pillars of Lectio Divina, personal prayer, community and spiritual friendship.

Weave Morning of Prayer

Saturday 11th July 2020

9.00-12.30, Zoom

A morning of prayer for all members of the Weave of Manquehue Prayer to join together to reflect on the experience of lockdown and pray together as a community.

Open Morning of Prayer

Saturday 25th July 2020

9.00-12.30, Zoom

A morning of prayer for the Weave to open its arms to welcome everyone seeking God. Join us online to share in our friendship and time for reflection and prayer.

General Workshop

Saturday 19th Sep 2020

 Zoom + local groups

A day for members of Weave Lectio groups to come together to work on the threads of the Weave and to celebrate the work of the Weave as a community.

Weave Prayer Day

22nd Nov 2020

A day to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King offline together. It will be a day away from screens where we will be united purely in spirit, through our prayer. Please send us your address and we will send you a retreat pack.



These events are activities supported by the Weave of Manquehue Prayer. By this support we look to deepen our fundamental pillars of Lectio Divina, personal prayer, community and spiritual friendship within the wider Catholic Church.

Lectio Tent Training Day

Lectio Tents are one way that the Weave shares the gift of Lectio with the wider church at events such as Youth 2000. Join us to learn how to run a Lectio Tent.

Working Week

 A week to work on the 'Threads' of the Weave: Lectio Outreach, Lectio Groups, Open Weave, Liturgy, Communications, Pilgrimages and Scotland.

Lectio Tent

Youth 2000

The Weave of Manquehue Prayer supports the wonderful event of Youth 2000 by sharing Lectio Divina through workshops and introductions to the Word.

Ampleforth Society

16th October 5pm


The Weave is running a Lectio Divina session for the Ampleforth Society Virtual Weekend.

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