What's going on in The Weave?

Open Lectio

Saturdays 9.30am

Google Meet

An opportunity to share Lectio on Sunday's Gospel with a group from the Weave. Everyone welcome!

Liturgy of the Hours

Everyday, Discord

Join us as part of the Weave community to pray the prayer of the church throughout the day.

Lauds (morning prayer) 8am

Midday prayer 1pm

Vespers (evening prayer) 5.30pm

I Have Seen the Lord

"I have seen the Lord" are the words with which Mary of Magdala tells the disciples that Jesus Christ is risen (Jn 20: 18)

This book is a compilation of testimonies from people young and old, lay and monastic, who wish to give the same witness.

These are stories about meaning, purpose, joy, conviction, consolation, truth, way and life, found not in some ideas but in someone.

If these stories are true, then reality is not just what we see and the world is an infinitely better place than we normally think.

"I have seen the Lord" is a publication by The Weave of Manquehue Prayer and is now available fro m Amazon UK in both paperback and Kindle.

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