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Christ the King Offline Retreat

On 22nd November 2020, close to a hundred people from all around the UK and further afield joined together in prayer for the feast of Christ the King. This was not our usual pandemic retreat, however, with the day being celebrated by all of us offline and individually - though of course united in prayer.

This retreat was a wonderful opportunity to pray and reflect on this important feast, to be united with one another, and to do so offline, away from the distractions of emails and social media notifications and yet more news articles. The Weave sent out booklets with myriad options for prayer and reflection throughout the day, including Lectio and Scrutinising, some of the feast’s offices, reflections on the feast from various church figures, and a fun decima activity.

Importantly, giving our time wholeheartedly to prayer was a reminder of what is important in our lives. We have all, perhaps, at some point been guilty of letting the pandemic rule our lives by occupying all of our thoughts and discussions. But as Alice from the Christ the King community in Liverpool told us: “The commemoration of remembering Jesus as our king although he was so humble seemed so fitting. He gave all of himself to us”. Likewise, it was a blessing to be able to integrate prayer into all aspects of the day, using the booklet and suggested timetable to keep us on track. We’d love to do an event like this again, and if you’d be interested in helping out, please let us know!


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