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How to keep up with Lectio in the light of Coronavirus guidelines

During this time of crisis we suggest that Lectio Groups continue to consider how they meet as a group. As St Benedict advises us that we must care for the sick and those more vulnerable, it may be wise to not meet as a group in person. We have two suggestions to make:

  1. Meet as a Lectio Group via Skype or other video chats, and conduct Lectio in the normal way (be respectful of the time and lag delays over internet connection).

  2. Agree to pray Lectio at the same time in the same way without being connected over any medium other than with God (i.e. Lets pray the Invocation at 8pm and then say an 'Our Father' at 8:15pm).

Even if you are not able to meet up with all of your group in this way, we encourage you to try to keep in contact with each other and keep encouraging each other in your prayer throughout this period. We understand that this may be an uncertain time. Please listen to and respect your local Priests and Bishops and continue to pray for them during this challenging time for their ministry.

For more encouragement, please also see this week's Monday Motivation.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask us. God bless, Weave Commission


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