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I Have Seen the Lord

The Weave is excited to announce that its much-anticipated book, a collection of personal testimonies written by friends of the Weave, called I Have Seen the Lord, will shortly be making its way to the printers! It will be published through Amazon in the coming months (hopefully by Christmas - and would make an excellent gift). Stay alert for more details to follow!

‘I have seen the Lord’ are the words with which Mary of Magdala tells the disciples that Jesus Christ is risen, that she has seen Him and that He has spoken to her (Jn 20: 18). This book is a compilation of testimonies from people who give witness to that. Each testimony is someone’s attempt to share how they have seen the Lord, and how this has been important, even life changing, for them. We have put them together in the hope that many more lives may be touched by Christ.

This book would have been impossible without the many friends of the Weave - students, monks, nuns, lay people - taking time to write down their own stories for us, each story is beautiful, unique and inspiring. Through the truth and inspiration found in these personal testimonies, this book is serving to fulfil the Weave’s purpose of ‘sharing with many the good news of the Risen Christ’, in a beautiful and exciting way!

From the editing team - Rebecca, Martín, Cristóbal & Antonia


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