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Lectio Leaders' Workshop 2021

Throughout the week from 19th to 23rd January, the Weave held an online workshop for current Lectio Leaders and those who would like to start a Lectio Group. During the workshop, we explored themes around the motto of Lectio Groups being ‘Schools of the Lord’s Service’ (cf Rule of St Benedict Prologue). Holding the workshop online provided a wonderful opportunity, not only to welcome people from all over the UK, but from all over the world, including Lebanon, Germany, Chile and Portsmouth Abbey School in the US! It was a real joy to be able to share ideas and experiences about what it means to be a Lectio Leader and how we can build up the community in our Lectio Groups and to have a moment regularly throughout the week to pray and listen to God’s Word together.

The members of the St Gertrude Community on mission in Portsmouth Abbey School, and some other attendees, share their experiences of the workshop;

"I was excited to see so many young people from all over the world connected celebrating faith in Jesus Christ. It encourages me to build communities that promote being courageous Christians, to live out friendship and to announce the Kingdom." Trinidad Hue

“An extremely enjoyable few days filled with the Holy Spirit.”

"It was very powerful for me to see so many friends sharing the Good News of the Gospel. It really encourages me to follow Christ again today, to share with everyone the joy he brings me and be sure we are building the Church" Rosario Achondo

“It was very inspiring for me to see so many people, ages, cultures and stages of faith gathered together. It made me feel a part of something that was very important. I was so grateful for the opportunity to learn something and strengthen my true desire to have Lectio in my life and share that with other people. From a practical perspective I learned a lot in the Celebration of the Word workshop on Wednesday and I am excited to put it into practice in our community at Portsmouth Abbey School.”

“For me it was very powerful to witness how the Word ignites this inextinguishable fire in my heart and in the hearts of the world, it makes me burn inside. I really do have a canticle in my soul where I want to appreciate and contemplate the wonders that the Lord does in the middle of my life" Teresa Quiroga

"I was very impressed by how the Holy Spirit acts in each person and brings so many people together to celebrate in Christ regardless of age, language, place, or time. That is where it is revealed to me that Christ is truly the only one that does not pass away, thinking about the second reading of today's Celebration" Bernardita Opazo


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