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The Weave Newsletter #007


#007 FRIDAY 15th OCTOBER 2021

The Weave of Manquehue Prayer is a network of friends that seek to help one another to pray, to cultivate spiritual friendship and to share with many the Good News of the Risen Christ. The Weave draws from the charism of the Manquehue Movement to enrich initiatives of evangelisation and service.

Life in Christ

“I invite you to think for a minute about your baptism. Perhaps it happened when you were a baby and you have no memory of that moment of being received into the Christian family; or maybe you are only just beginning the journey towards baptism, and it is for the moment only a thought or a stirring in your heart.

I invite you to dwell, spiritually, at the baptismal font, the gateway to communion with Christ and his entry into your heart. Not only does our life become his life, but his life becomes our life. In the Word of the Gospel, Christ makes himself known to us. What part of you, or your life, is he reaching to today? How does he bring light to illuminate your darkness?”

This was taken from this week’s Monday Motivation- a motivation to Lectio sent out each week to Lectio Leaders or anyone who would like to receive it. If you would like to be added to the Monday Motivation mailing list, please just reply to this email.


During the summer, the Weave Commission came together for some time of discernment on what The Weave really is and how the Weave can continue to move forward and be sustained, always trying to be guided by the Holy Spirit. One theme that came through strongly was that of friendship and individual relationships. There was a sense that in recent times, we may have tried to do too much and tried to spread ourselves far and wide.

So now, we are seeking to take a humble step back to focus on the key ties of prayer and friendship that hold the Weave together. To that end, we are currently focussing more on small gatherings rather than big events and so would like to extend an invitation to you and your Lectio Group or friends to have a space within the Weave to gather together to build your community and your friendship in the Weave...

The Convent Flat at Downside

The Convent Flat is above St Benedict’s Parish Church at Downside, Somerset. It is a very simple flat that groups of up to 7 people are welcome to use as self-catering accommodation for a weekend of retreat or downtime. Mass and the Divine Office are close at hand in the Abbey Church. It is also possible to arrange a talk by one of the monks or other inputs from the St Scholastica Community. Someone from St Scholastica would welcome you on arrival and departure. They can also do the shopping for your time at Downside if that was convenient. The use of the flat is free of charge but donations are welcome and will be used for the improvement of the same flat. Please write to if you are interested in using the Convent Flat before the end of this year indicating when you would like to come.

Promises in St Scholastica

A group of 6 friends will take a Manquehue Promise in St Scholastica on Saturday 27 November, during the First Vespers of Advent. They are George Rawlins, Mary Hirst (Townsend), Clement Kouzmenkov, Christian Laczko Schröeder, Victoria Firth and Jonathan Stacey.

Manquehue is a path to live out the sacrament of Baptism ever more fully. The Lord, in his goodness, offers this path to those whom he wishes. A Manquehue Promise consists in welcoming this invitation to share in the charism of Manquehue in a way adapted to one’s own personal circumstances for a fixed period of time.

Changes in St Scholastica

On Monday 1 November, Nicolás Meneghello will be going back to Chile after almost 6 years in St Scholastica, the Manquehue community in the UK. It will be sad to see Nicolás leave, and he carries all our gratitude for this fruitful time and our prayers for what is ahead of him in his vocation. Nicolás will join a group of Manquehue Oblates starting a new community in Valdivia, a city in the south of Chile. This community will be linked to Colegio San Luis de Alba, in the same way as St Scholastica is linked to Downside School.

Rodrigo Vidal, who was part of St Scholastica until the beginning of 2019 will join the life and mission of this community again, as soon as his Visa process is through. Rodrigo is an old friend of many in the UK, both monastic and lay.

Prayer during the week

The Open Weave Lectio continues on Saturday mornings at 09:30. This time of prayer is open for anyone, whether you are new to Lectio or do it frequently, and it is always a wonderful way to start the weekend, wherever you may be. Following some moments of welcome and conversation, a weekly motivation is read before the gospel of the Sunday, preceding a time of prayer and reflection.

During weekdays at 8am, some of us pray the Morning prayer of the Church online in our Discord Chapel. This continues, and we look forward to welcoming you!

Visit the Weave website for more details and the joining link for both.


Lectio Leaders’ Workshop- January 2022

Register your interest and have your say on what you would like the workshop to be like here.


Youth 2000- Lectio Tent- 27th-30th August

At the end of the summer, the Weave of Manquehue Prayer were invited to attend Youth2000 at Ampleforth Abbey School in Yorkshire. We were invited to lead four Lectio Divina workshops over two days.

It was such a joy to introduce others to Lectio, to share a peaceful moment of contemplation and meeting Christ. We were joined by friends of all ages - school children with their parents all the way up to retirees. Some had experienced Lectio before, while others had not.

I didn't know what to expect before going to Youth2000 - it definitely was unlike anything else I had ever experienced before. But it was a weekend full of surprises and blessings. We came away with stronger friendships in Christ, with new friendships who want to set up Lectio groups in new places, with a reminder to stop and pray for a while (and maybe sing a song of praise or two!) and with real joy at the passion and joy of this next generation of our Church.

Read more here.

Chilean Independence Day- El Dieciocho de Septiembre

Throughout the weekend of the 17th-19th September, a group of us gathered at Downside to celebrate Chilean independence day. With the weekend structured around the Liturgy of the Hours, people from the Weave including some previous and prospective 'gap years' to the Manquehue community in Chile gathered together for a celebration. For many of us, it was the first opportunity for us to meet in person since before the pandemic, to renew the ties of friendship that hold the Weave together. Not only were we celebrating the country of Chile through enjoying a classic Chilean barbecue (asado) and music, but we had the opportunity to look towards our true and eternal homeland in the Kingdom of God.


Watch this space- a new Weave publication- Pathways to Lectio Divina coming soon!

New Manquehue Edition of the Rule of St Benedict

Read more about this edition of the Rule here.

If you would like to buy copies of this edition of the Rule, please email

It costs £7 per copy or £5 on orders over 30 copies, plus postage and packaging.

I Have Seen the Lord

“I have seen the Lord" is a publication by The Weave of Manquehue Prayer.

This book is a compilation of testimonies from people young and old, lay and monastic. These are stories about meaning, purpose, joy, conviction, consolation, truth, way and life, found not in some ideas but in someone.

It is now available from Amazon UK in both paperback and Kindle


The Weave Newsletter will give you a quarterly update of everything that's been going on and that’s coming up, but if you would like more regular updates on what's going on and how you can get involved, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. More information on The Weave can also be found on our website.

If you would not like to receive The Weave Newsletter or if you have any questions about how we store your information or would like to be removed from our database, please just reply to this email and we will be happy to help. We will not pass on any of your information to any third-parties.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch! It would be great to hear from you!


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