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Virtual Visits to Lectio Groups

The Weave’s new Lectio Groups Officer, Vicky Firth, would like to offer an exciting opportunity;

“Every week, across the country, communities come together to meet the Lord in Lectio Divina. Praying together with Holy Scripture, we encounter Christ and share in prayer, becoming friends with, in, and for Christ. These friendships that we have with one another are what form the Weave, and through these friendships we form a network of people across the UK. These spiritual friendships encourage us in our prayer and motivate us to share the Good News with others. Visiting each other and making new connections therefore, is a wonderful opportunity. The Commission is visiting groups across the country to share the resources that we have to offer and to reaffirm the threads of friendship across the Weave. We would like to extend this invitation out to anyone who would like to visit other Lectio groups too, as well as to give you the chance to extend an invitation to come to your Lectio group.

The Lectio groups that make up the Weave all have different characters and engage in Lectio and spiritual friendship in different ways, and witnessing the living out of faith by other lay people is extraordinarily powerful.”

Please get in touch if you would like to visit a Lectio Group or for someone to visit your group.


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