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I Have Seen the Lord- Available now!

"I have seen the Lord" are the words with which Mary of Magdala tells the disciples that Jesus Christ is risen (Jn 20: 18)

This book is a compilation of testimonies from people young and old, lay and monastic, who wish to give the same witness.

These are stories about meaning, purpose, joy, conviction, consolation, truth, way and life, found not in some ideas but in someone.

If these stories are true, then reality is not just what we see and the world is an infinitely better place than we normally think.

Comments from readers and contributors:

"It has been such a pleasure to receive a copy of 'I Have Seen The Lord' and it’s amazing to read so many honest and uplifting testimonies. It has helped me tremendously in my faith because within them I can draw countless comparisons in shared experiences of friendship, hope and joy! I'm fortunate to know many of the writers personally so it's an honour to read about their personal journeys in faith. I couldn't recommend the book highly enough, both for those with or without belief!"

"The book is so beautiful and I have flicked through a couple of the other well done everyone! All these testimonies bundled up made me realise how powerful this connection is, that we can have with God if we take care of it and practise it. So again thank you so very, very much."

"We have read a few of the testimonies as a family, it is so moving to hear how God has moved in everyone's lives."

"I have seen the Lord" is a publication by The Weave of Manquehue Prayer and is now available from Amazon UK in both paperback and Kindle.


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