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Weave Prayer Day- United in Prayer


22nd November 2020

"Look, I myself will pasture my sheep, I myself will give them rest", declares the Lord God. (Ezk 34:15)

We are delighted to invite you to the Weave Prayer Day! This year has been a year unlike any other, and we have all had to make many adjustments to how we live. It seems we are all spending a lot more time online in Zoom calls and Google hangouts, Houseparty and Microsoft Teams. While these have been a great way to keep connected during this challenging time, we think it's probably time for a break, and to connect with each other on another level. This is why we are having a Weave Prayer Day. 

The Weave Prayer Day will be a day away from screens, where we will be united purely in spirit, through our prayer. We believe that prayer really has the power to change things, to transform our realities and can be a genuine act of service to the world. Prayer knows no boundaries of time or distance and allows us to open our hearts to be present with God and with each other. The mission of the Weave is 'helping one another to pray' so what better thing can we do than to spend a day in prayer together?

If you would like to take part in the Weave Prayer Day, we will send you a retreat activities pack which you can either do as a personal retreat by yourself, or where restrictions allow, you may like to meet up in small local groups to do the retreat together. The theme of the retreat is the Feast of Christ the King, which we will celebrate on Sunday 22nd November. Feel free to do the retreat whenever it best suits you- you may like to spread it across the whole weekend or do an activity each evening of the week, just try to bear in mind that it will focus around this day. If you are unable to commit to doing the retreat, please try to say a prayer for the Weave (and the world) on the Feast of Christ the King anyway- and we will be united in prayer!

Please help us to prepare for this event by filling out this form. We are really looking forward to praying with you!

God bless, The Weave Commission


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